2nd Yr. Sociology of Crime & Violence: Blended Learning Arrangements

Lecturers Emmanuel Mayeza & Sharyn Spicerare currently teaching the Sociology of Crime and Violence (SOC221) module for a number of 374 students. Hence, an online environment was created using the iKamva platform in order to deliver course content, assessments, and share communication.

Structured Lessons: Embedded learning material

The lecturers created weekly ‘Lessons’ and embedded resources such as PDF lecture presentations, external web pages, links to relevant YouTube videos, as well as podcasts recorded by lecturers.

Group Assignments

Students were expected to submit a major assignment as part of a group. In order to facilitate this, ‘joinable groups’ were created in iKamva, allowing students to select their own group to engage with in the assignment. The joinable groups were linked to the Assignments eTool, allowing one student to submit a paper on behalf of their group. Grades are automatically assigned to the entire group when the paper is marked.

Gradebook: Marks and related comments

Furthermore, grades for all assignments were made available to students, within the gradebook and constructive feedback was provided using the comments section.


The ‘Announcements’ eTool was used to communicate regarding online lectures, assignments and useful information to the students. The announcements are linked to the students email and they get updated once there is any new information shared from the lecturer.

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