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Oral Health students engage in online assessment task

Lecturers Lesley Vorster and Cynthia Slattery of the Dentistry Faculty engaged in consultative sessions with the CIECT Instructional designers to discuss e-Assessment. The Oral Health module focuses on basic oral health sciences and seeks to assess the students’ understanding of specific concepts.
The CIECT team advised on the pedagogical value of the ‘tests and quizzes’ eTool within the iKamva platform; and guided the lecturers through the process of setting up and developing online tests. Furthermore, 33 Dentistry students completed the online assessment task, which included various question types related to their course material: ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ (MCQs); ‘Fill-in-the-blank’; and ‘True and False’.
Lesley expressed the benefits of the potential of the eAssessment tools within the iKamva platform: “I sincerely appreciate all your assistance in guiding us through the process of setting up and implementing an online assessment.  I certainly feel more confident to engage with blended learning, especially knowing that there is an efficient and very supportive CIECT team just a call away.  Until yesterday I never fully understood the actual potential of iKamva in terms of teaching and learning, thank you for this gentle introduction to the online environment”.

7th Annual eLearning Colloquium

Colloquium poster3