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CIECT Raising Awareness: 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) – via iKamva Platform

The 16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is a Worldwide Campaign to oppose violence against Women and Children. It aims to raise awareness of the negative impact that violence and abuse have on our society.  The Campaign is held from 25 November to 10 December every year. However, the success of this campaign rests on our daily individual and collective actions to safeguard our society against this cycle of abuse (

As part of CIECT’s contribution to spreading awareness of violence against members of our society, we will make use of our iKamva system to share quotes and related images on a daily basis for the duration of the 16 days. As you login to iKamva, we appeal to you to take a minute to read and share with your families.

Stop the ‘silence’.

‘Rubric’: Used for Grading of Formative and Summative Assessments

iKamva consists of various Assessment eTools. NB: Please take note of the Rubric eTool (application and limitations) – prior to setting up an online assessment and engaging in grading activities.  

Guidelines for Tests & Quizzes Settings (Auto-submit and Publishing )

The following guidelines need to be followed when setting up online tests:

  1. All Tests settings and configurations need to be set before publishing as editing the test settings after it has been published can and will cause unforeseen issues.
  2. Avoid modifying the settings of a published assessment while testing is in progress. Instead, wait until the final submission date has passed.
  3. Late Submission setting should be set as example: Due Time + Test Duration + 20min. e.g. 12:00 + 1hr 30min + 20min = 13:50
  4. The Autosubmit setting does not currently save student work before submitting. Students are advised to save their progress as often as possible.
  5. Do not tick the Autosubmit saved students’ work after the latest date option if a test is timed.

Warning: You should ONLY use the “Stop Accepting Now” option if you are sure that students are not currently working on the assessments in progress. 

NB: Stopping and automatically submitting an active assessment will submit it immediately without warning; the student will not be able to save their work before it submits.