3rd Yr. Law of Payment Instrument: Blended Learning Arrangements

Lecturer Brighton Mupangavanhu has created an interactive online environment for third year students [Law of Payment Instrument Module (NEG 321)].

The lecturer has created a structured environment, making use of various eTools:

Overview: Student Welcome

A detailed overview was shared with the 465 registered students, to welcome and familiarise them with expectations and outcomes related to the NEG 321 Law module.

Structured Lesson Design and Clear Guidelines

Structured lessons were created according to themes or topics, with various embedded multimedia components, including images, videos, and narrated PowerPoint presentations. Each lecture/topic contained clear guidelines and expectations; and related learning content and activities.

Formative Assessments aligned to Lesson Topics

Individual and group assessments have been created using the ‘Assignments’ eTool. The assessments are formative and linked to related lessons.

Continuous Communication: Synchronous Sessions & Recordings

Continuous communication is shared with students through the ‘Announcements’ eTool with regard to live/synchronous lectures via Zoom. The recordings are also shared via iKamva for easier access and revision purposes in preparation for assessment activities.

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