Monthly Archives: March, 2017

Education lecturer creates blended teaching-and- learning environment for 1st year EDC111 students

Lecturer, Michelle van Heerden has created a blended teaching-and-learning environment, in collaboration with the CIECT team and a staff member from the Library.

The online environment, specifically related to ‘Academic Writing’, has been structured into four main topics and related sub-topics. The students are currently engaged in the topic, ‘Scholarship is a conversation’; and related to Functionalist and Conflict theory. This content has been further enhanced by supporting digital media components.

The students are able to listen to podcasts and view videos, prior to engaging in specific activities. The digital media components support different learning styles.  Students are able to engage with text, audio and video in order to effectively contribute to discussion forums and reflective quizzes.

The lecturer has expressed the need to support large classes (in this case repeat lectures for approximately 450 students). These blended learning experiences are important, as one would not always know if all your students are able engage with the content they receive in the face-to-face lecture.

The CIECT team in collaboration with Michelle, will follow-up and share in relation to access, interactivity and lessons learnt within the online environment.