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Online Examinations: Lecturers and Professional Staff collaborate to complete the academic programme 2016

Academics and professional support staff members across various departments are currently making use of the iKamva platform to create online examinations. These online examinations include different types of assessments:


    • Test and Quizzes
  • Short Answer Essays;
  • Matching questions;
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs);
  • True and False;
  • Numeric Responses; and
  • Fill in the missing answer.
    • Take-home Assignment:
  • Online Questions;
  • Attachments only;
  • Single File Upload; and
    • Online and Attachments.

The lecturers has collaborate with the CIECT team to set-up the online examinations. Planning includes:

  • Selection of appropriate eAssessment tools;
  • Discussion around pedagogical value;
  • Clear instructions;
  • Summative online examination aligned to formative assessment tasks; and
  • Technical settings (setting parameters, submission dates; assigning tasks to specific groups, retrieval of submissions, online grading and collation of marks).

NB: It should be noted that these academics and professional support staff have planned in advance to set-up online examinations which contribute to the completion of the academic programme 2016.

Please contact the CIECT team to create your blended learning environment for 2017.

Carolynne Kies     

Lance Wasserfall  

Valentino van de Heyde

Norina Braaf          

iKamva: ‘Just-in-Time’ learning material to support blended environments

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technology (CIECT) has created ‘Just-in-Time’ training material to further assist with the development of your blended learning practices.

You are able to view and download interactive learning material (screencasts) on how to create and structure your online environment. Furthermore, you are able to setup online assessment tasks.

This material has been structured into the following categories, including:
– Content development (sharing resources, structure online lessons),
– Communication (setup discussion forum and calendar events, send announcements),
– eAssessment (setup tests and quizzes, assignments).

View the screencasts within: CIECT’s YouTube channel

**A screencast is a video recording with audio. You are able to record a digital screen (i.e. lecture, PowerPoint presentation, calculations) – making use of specific software.

Kindly contact us should you need any further assistance.