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Dentistry Lecturer: Blended learning – Tutorial, Video and DVD – to reinforce learning

Dentistry Lecturer, Vivienne Wilson, consulted with the CIECT team to discuss issues related to her teaching-and-learning practices and her online environment. The lecturer wanted to reinforce her face-to-face weekly practical tutorial. The Instructional Design team (CIECT) advised the lecturer on the use of video to support student learning.
An online environment was created to supplement the weekly tutorial with video recorded lessons. The students are able to view dental illustrations. For example, the lecturer created illustrations related to the ‘design of a lower metal partial denture’. These illustrations were recorded in CIECT’s studio; and placed within an online environment (iKamva/Sakai platform).
In addition, the face-to-face tutorials and online environment was further reinforced with a DVD. Thus, students are able to access the recorded videos; and extra learning material (dental cases; PPT presentations; colour clinical pictures; class notes).
Students are able to view these materials on various mobile devices regardless of time and geographical space.