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Post-Graduate Students [MALGC] – engage in ICT Skills Workshop

The CIECT team conducted an ICT skills training workshop for post-graduate students, namely the “UWC Cohort 21 Orientation Programme MALGC”.

Dr Colette February and Dr Natheem Hendricks (Faculty of Education) contacted the CIECT team, in order to prepare the post-grad students for engagement in an intercontinental Programme, Masters in Adult Learning & Global Change (MALGC).

The training workshop focused on the application of ICT skills within the Programme, specifically for research purposes.

 Digital SkillsDigital Literacies
Enter and manipulate text using Microsoft WordCreate documents, create a table of contents, manage resources, and insert citations and bibliography

**The CIECT team will market upcoming ICT Skills Workshops for Post-Graduate students (for August – September 2021).