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Dentisty Faculty engage in ICT infusion workshop

The Faculty of Dentistry recently engaged in an ICT Infusion workshop, 15th and 16th January 2014, developed and facilitated by the Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies (CIECT).

Prof Parker requested the CIECT team to develop a workshop that would enable Dentistry lecturers to optimally make use of various eTools for teaching-and-learning purposes. The workshop enabled twenty-five (25) Dentistry lecturers to use eTools (within the Sakai platform and Personal Learning Environments)- to support their current teaching practices. The workshop focused on the following:

– Engagement within the Learning Management platform iKamva (Sakai);
– Creation of interactive online environments;
– Creation of Digital Photostories;
– Embed Youtube videos; and
– Record Podcasts (audio-recordings).

The CIECT team received positive feedback related to the ePedagogy and benefits of eTools. Following are some comments from Dentistry lecturers:

“enable student to engage with study material or contents more, insert more audio & visuals, hopefully making lecture more exciting & interesting”.

“Its innovative and thus will enhance student participation. Also, it allows access to course work material to more students”.

“Possibilities for interaction by students with technology for learning purposes. Benefit of better communication with students. Use of videos to enhance teaching will be most beneficial”.

“Multimedia instruction augments the traditional lecture format and assists in maximizing the learning opportunity. Increased diversity of instructional strategies will improve active engagement with curriculum, especially with current students that live predominantly in a digital world”.

The CIECT team encourages lecturers to arrange Departmental group training sessions related to the effective use of eTools within the Sakai (iKamva) platform. Find attached training programme developed for the Dentistry Faculty.

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