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Social Work Ethics: 4th year students engage in online open-book exam whilst lecturer is situated in Nottingham

Lecturer, Dr Neil Henderson (Social Work Ethics) created and interactive online environment within the iKamva (Sakai) platform for 4th Year students.  
The students are able to access course resources; engage in online discussions; and complete an online test.  Currently the lecturer is in Nottingham and is still able to engage with the students in an online environment.

Since 2010, the lecturer has setup online, open-book exams, making use of short-answer questions. The students are expected to “draw on their ethical codes and  dilemmas based on their theoretical understanding of ethics within the Social Work Profession”.

On Tuesday, 20th May 2014, seventy-eight (78) students engaged in this online open-book exam. All the students managed  to submit successfully, with the assistance of the Centre for Innovative Educational Communication Technologies (CIECT) team.

Mathematics Education lecturer creates online environments

Lecturer, Monde Mbekwa, Department of Educational Studies has created four online environments for 3rd and 4th Year; and Honours Education students – within the iKamva (Sakai) platform. The modules focus on Mathematics Education.
Students are able to access relevant course resources; and announcements which are automatically linked to the students’ email clients.

The course resources include:
– Considerations when designing a Lesson;
– Course readers which entail lesson outlines; rules pertaining to plagiarism; assignment details; and guidelines regarding Continuous Assessment.
– Assignments, rubrics and feedback;
– Lecture slides;
– Mathematics exercises;
– Question papers (templates on how an educator should design and develop question papers);
– Memos; and
– Further readings.

The students are able to retrieve the course resources in order to prepare for their specific ‘teaching practices’ within schools.

Education lecturer creates an ‘online test’ environment within the iKamva (Sakai) platform

Lecturer, Trevor Moodley (Department of Educational Psychology), setup an online environment using the iKamva (Sakai) platform.  This online module focuses on teaching ‘Life Orientation’ – within the Senior School Phase.
An ‘online test’ was set-up during the first term, comprising of various types of questions:
– Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs);
– Fill in the blanks;
– True or False; and
– Short Answers.

The students were expected to complete the test on specific days; and the CIECT team assisted the lecturer with invigilation processes. This online test was completed by 108 students.  
Furthermore the lecturer makes use of the course resources to share readings and lectures slides. Announcements are also sent to the students (these automatically become available via student email accounts).