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Arts Faculty: Blended Learning Practices & Language and Essay Project (across disciplines)

The Arts Faculty has created a total number of 238 online modules within the iKamva platform, in the 2017 academic year. These environments have been designed and developed in collaboration with the CIECT team.  Lecturers have also been introduced to the use of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) such as Digital Photo StoryPodcasts, and Narrated PowerPoint, as well as Google Applications (GAPP’s). These applications were integrated into learning, teaching and assessment practices, which include ePortfolioGoogle Drive and Blogger.  Specific learning objects have beenapplied and embedded into the online environments enabling students to engage with course content from any geographical setting via their mobile devices.

Online tests were conducted by various departments which included question types such as: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), True-and-False, Short Answer Essays, Fill-in-the-missing-blank, and identify the answer linked to a specific illustration (image).

In addition, the Linguistics Department lecturers have made use of iKamva’s ‘joinable groups’, which enables students to select specific slots and time-frames allocated to specific tasks. These online assessments were conducted in a controlled lab setting.

The Language and Essay Writing Project, initiated by a lecturer in the English Department, in 2015. The CIECT team, in collaboration with the lecturer designed and developed an interactive online environment. This project was implemented and the roll-out continues. It enables students to navigate content, focusing on basic skills of academic writing and effective language use. Various content blocks focus on correcting common language errors which occur in student submissions and interactively encourage the fundamentals of good academic essay writing. Each block presents the basic principles involved and thereafter tests students’ knowledge through a series of self-correcting exercises.

Furthermore, lecturers and tutors may refer students who struggle with language and essay writing, to the interactive online programme. It should be noted that students are able to access the programme asynchronously (independently, at their own pace and time). The system automatically grades the test and provides online results. Currently, the English Department is engaged in discussions and processes to include this project as a compulsory module within the curriculum.

Please contact the CIECT team to assist with the effective design and development of your online environment.