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Infusion of ICTs: Science TA Programme

Dear colleagues,

The CIECT team has recently collaborated with the Science Faculty (Dr Rita Kizito and Prof. Gavin Maneveld) and other stakeholders (Library, Writing centre, ECP…) to design and develop a programme, namely: Faculty of Science Teaching Assistants Development Programme (FSTADP). “This programme is designed to prepare future Science lecturers at the University of the Western Cape (UWC)…focuses on the teaching roles of the academic in Science Higher Education, with reference to learning-centred teaching strategies embedded in a constantly changing practice” (Dr. Rita Kizito).

Science Teaching Assistants (TAs) engaged in a 3 day workshop conducted by the CIECT team, namely: ‘Design an online instructional event’.

In Session 1: the team conducted an ePorfolio session. TAs were briefly introduced to Google Drive before commencing with the creation of their respective ePortfolio sites. This session enabled the participants to create a space where they could share a brief background about themselves; and further record daily experiences  in the teaching profession linking to relevant evidence such as transcripts, journals, videos etc. TAs were shown how to share their ePortfolios with necessary stakeholders.

In Session 2: the team conducted an online course creation session. This session enabled TAs to create an online environment for themselves and prospective students. This space enables the participant to keep students updated with the latest course related information/announcements; share relevant course material; create lessons linked to relevant resources (internal and external resources); and further create a safe space for students and lecturer/s to engage in discourse around specific concepts.

In Session 3: the team conducted a session around ‘mobile integration: iPad and android devices’. TAs were shown how to navigate the user interface; and manage multimedia files and documentation on both android and ipad devices. They were further shown how to install software applications; and how to connect the iPad to windows based computers. This session enabled participants to think about how they would incorporate these mobile devices within their teaching-and-learning practices.

The CIECT team would like to encourage other teaching-and-learning specialists to work closely with the CIECT team regarding the infusion of ICT for teaching-and-learning.

Contact the Centre for Innovative Educational Communication Technologies (CIECT) to get started with your eLearning initiatives.

Kind Regards,

Sport Science Department lecturer makes use of ‘Click Classroom Performance System’

Dear Colleagues,
Lecturer, Lloyd Leach from the Sport Science Department makes us of the Clicker’s Classroom Performance System to facilitate question and answer sessions. Clicker devices are used to assess students’ understanding of key concepts during lectures. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) test are set prior to the lecture; and students are expected to engage in the MCQ questionnaire during class time. This methodology of teaching-and-learning enables students to be more interactive and further addresses students’ learning difficulties.

The lecturer contacted the CIECT team for support and advice regarding the use of the Clicker tool. Lloyd Leach observed the following: “Needless to say, the lecture went off extremely well, so much so that the students were disappointed that we only started using the technology at the end of the module. However, more importantly was the fact that the success off the lecture was largely due to the generous support offered”.

Colleagues wishing to participate in these sessions are encouraged to register using the iEnabler (on-line registration booking system). Thank you for your support.

NB: Bookings should be done at least two working days in advance.

Social Work Ethics 4th year students engage in online exam

Dear Campus Community,

Lecturer, Dr Neil Henderson (4th year Social Work Ethics) has been making use of online assessments for the past four (4) years. These online exams are designed as open-book questions which require students to draw on their ethical codes and  dilemmas within the Social Work profession.

The lecturer created an online worksheet exam which entails 5 (five) long-answer questions which enables students to analyse  various case studies based on their theoretical understanding of ethics within the Social Work discipline.

On Monday, 20th May 2013, Sixty (60) 4th year Social Work students engaged in the online open-book exam. All students managed  to submit successfully with the assistance of the Centre for Innovative Educational Communication Technologies (CIECT) team.

The lecturer will mark these online worksheets within eTeaching Learning Management System (LMS); and further assign marks accordingly.

CIECT team encouraged lecturers to contact us should they wish to engage in any online interventions.

CIECT team joins colleagues to design workshop for Science Teaching Assistants

The CIECT team will join other colleagues in the delivery of the FSTADP: Faculty of Sciences Teaching Assistant Development Programme. A design workshop has been developed, specifically for the creation of an online environment:

The workshop (21 – 23 May), will entail 3 training sessions:

  • Create an ePortfolio
  • Design an online teaching/instructional event
  • Access learning material via mobile devices

 The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • Highlight the importance of the creation of an ePortfolio;
  • Make effective use of eTools for substantive communication and assessment within an online environment; and
  • Demonstrate access from various modes of delivery.

 An introduction workshop will be held on 16 May, 2013. The CIECT team will give the prospective learners an overview of the eTools; and the online and Personal Learning Environments that they will be expected to engage during the face-to-face workshop.

View attached PowerPoint presentation by Juliet Stoltenkamp & Tasneem Taliep at:

Design an online environment


Lecturers across Departments request iPad (iOS) training

Dear Colleagues

Staff throughout campus has been enquiring about the use of mobile devices to enhance teaching-and-learning practices. The Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technology (CIECT) encourages the entire campus community to make use of mobile devices (iPads, Tablets) in order to simplify the acquisition of basic skills; sustain learner motivation and enhance their instructional practice.

We are pleased to announce that iPad training is continuing to have a positive impact at the University of the Western Cape. The CIECT team has conducted iPad workshops since March 2013 (19th and 20th March, 30 April, and 10th May 2013. The list below indicates specific training conducted for groups across Faculties and Support Units, namely:
· Arts;
· Community Health Sciences (CHS);
· Human Resource (HR);
· Information and Communication Services (ICS);
· HIV/AIDS programme;
· Institutional Planning;
· Chemistry.
· Information and Communication Services
· School of Business and Finance
· Psychology
· Accounting
· Residence Admin
· HIV/AIDS Programme

Staff members have seen the benefits of engaging with iPads to enhance their teaching-and-learning. Hence, the training allows iPad users to gain the following skills:

· Transfer documents between computers and iPads,
· Locally store documents on iPad devices, and
· Gain access making use of desktop computer or laptop.