Monthly Archives: May, 2017

SOPH and CIECT: Distance Learning & ‘Emerging Opportunities’

School of Public Health (SOPH) staff members met with the CIECT team to conceptualise the design and development ofinteractive, distance teaching-and-learning environments. CIECT’s continuous support for the effective use and application of eTools for teaching-and learning, encouraged the SOPH lecturers to make use of the iKamva platform. This enabled the lecturers to expand their reach and engage effectively with Health Professional Managers across Africa. Furthermore, students were able to engage with their peers and lecturers related to the learning content, discipline specific topics and various assessment tasks.

In addition, CIECT conducted advisory meetings in 2016 – specifically in contribution to the SOPH’s guide, namely,‘Emerging Opportunities’. The guide focusses on the “process of transitioning from face-to-face to distance teaching and learning in post-graduate public health education for health systems development”. The completed guide can be embedded and shared across various online platforms. The Guide can be viewed at the:

The SOPH will be advertising the launch of this guide. CIECT’s journey with SOPH continues.