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Science Faculty: Lecturer explores the use of BigBlueButton (BBB) – preparing for ‘live online lectures’

Science Lecturer, David Holgate has experimented with the use of BigBlueButton (BBB) which has been integrated within iKamva. This eTool has been named ‘Meetings’ within the iKamva system.


In order to familiarise the lecturer with the functionality of the Meetings tool, an online ‘Meeting’ was created in order to test and experiment with the functionality. During this session, the CIECT Instructional Designer uploaded and shared a presentation to showcase during the meeting.


The lecturer was able to moderate participants’ interactions; upload and present lectures (PDFs, PowerPoint slides); use annotation features on live presentations and documents; and highlight key sections within a document/article. During this exploratory meeting, the two members were able to engage through a live chat, which is visible and available to all participants.


Furthermore, the lecturer engaged in an exploratory session by himself and experimented with the features and functionalities within the eTool. Subsequent to this activity he shared some comments.


Feedback/ Comments from the lecturer after engaging in testing with CIECT and on his own:


“Well done for getting this going.  I was also experimenting this morning and it seems to work really well.  I am not sure of the band width restrictions, but if Science gets going fast in using this it will be great.” 


“I am setting up an iKamva page for us to use for T&L in the Faculty.  Using this tool is one thing that I hope people will share there.”


Lecturers are invited to contact the CIECT Instructional Design team to set up a familiarisation session for using BBB within iKamva.