Pharmacy 2nd Year Module: Blended Learning Arrangements and Scaffolded Lectures

Lecturers Jane McCartney, Renier Coetzee, Edward Upton, Elizabeth Egieyeh, and Angenie Bheeki created an interactive online environment for the 2nd Pharmacy students. 

Introductory Video

An introductory video was recorded by the Module Coordinator to welcome students and familiarise them with expectations and outcomes related to the Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy module. 

Structured Lesson Design

Lesson pages were structured according to themes or topics, with various multimedia components embedded including images, videos and narrated PowerPoints. Clear guidelines and expectations were communicated to students, providing students with an overview/introduction to each topic, learning objectives, summaries as well as information related to formative and summative assessments which students were required to complete on a weekly basis. 

Embedded Learning Science Prelab Simulations and Worksheets

Laboratory simulations were embedded in the module site in order for students to gain practical experience in a virtual environment. These simulations allow students to become familiar with the equipment in a safe environment before stepping into the real world. The simulations can be accessed and viewed repeatedly.

Formative and Summative Assessments

Various assignments and tests and quizzes have been set up. Assignments included group and individual reflective activities. The tests are set as formative (aligned to related lessons) and summative assessments. Grades and related feedback are available within the gradebook. *Each student is able to view his/her individual scores and feedback.

Introductory/Welcome Video


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