CSSS team collaborates with CIECT: Creation of Online Environments [Student Support]

The CIECT Instructional Design team has assisted the staff members within the Centre for Student Support Services (CSSS) with the design and development of their niche online environments (department specific).

During online training sessions and consultations CSSS facilitators were familiarised with various content creation, assessment and communication activities within the online platform, iKamva.

Students are added to these online environments and are able to access the resources.

Interactive Online environments

The following online environments were created:

  •   Learning Support 2021
  •   Office for Academic Support (OAS) Learning Hub 2021
  •   Office of Student Development (OSD)  Student Orientation 2021
  •   Graduate Development Programme (GDP) 2021 

Embedded multimedia components and documentation

Learning content has been structured and shared within the Course Resources and Lessons pages. Important videos and related presentations were embedded within the online spaces, addressing various topics, including:

  •   Video snippets related to student support structures within Faculties
  •   Tips to survive remote teaching and learning
  •   How to select module subjects
  •   Exam preparation
  •   Time Management
  •   Faculty Information Learning packs
  •   Emotional Intelligence
  •   Social Awareness
  •   Mindfulness

The CIECT team continues to support the CSSS team with regard to the design and development of online environments.


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