Science Faculty: Lecturer makes use of ‘Checklist eTool’ to track students’ progress

Science Faculty Lecturer, Rechelle Jacobs has developed an online environment for 2nd Year Students engaging in the Statistics Distribution Theory module (STA 211).

Set-up prerequisite activities

Using the ‘Lessons eTool’, the lecturer was able to set-up pre-requisite activities before the students could engage in the required Quizzes for each textbook chapter. 

Use of ‘Checklist eTool’: Students required to complete prior to engaging in Quiz

Hence, by using the checklist feature, students could keep track of their progress for each chapter. Once the checklist was completed, the quiz was released to the student. This ensured that students engaged with the necessary course material (made available via Course Resources), and the lecturer was also able to monitor students’ progress for each chapter.

Use of multimedia to supplement lecture

The online environment was supplemented with multimedia, such as lecture presentations in the format of audio-narrated PowerPoint presentations, instructional videos, exercise worksheets, as well as quiz memos for revision purposes. The structured Course Resources allowed students to easily access relevant learning material.

‘Live lecture sessions’ via BBB: Tutorials & Consultations

Furthermore, regular live sessions were conducted using iKamva’s Meetings tool (BigBlueButton) for tutorials and consultations. A notice was placed on the Module’s Overview page directing students to additional information, regarding- where to apply for data, as well as how to access the VPN.


 Prerequisites for Lesson activities

Contact the CIECT Instructional Design team to assist with the design and development of your structured online environment.

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