Digital Skills & Digital Literacies: Staff training workshops (2434 participants attend various workshops, Jan – August 2021)

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) provides Digital Literacy Workshops to staff (academics, non-academics & post-graduate students across faculties and departments at UWC).

Staff & Post-Grad students who have requested training (Jan – December 2020)Staff & students who have requested training (Jan – Aug 2021) 

The numbers above are indicative of the need for digital skills and literacies across the campus community.  *Weekly scheduled staff workshops and individual training sessions have increased; and are conducted via Google Meet/Hangouts.

*It should be noted; training attendance is calculated per training session. Hence, a staff or student member may attend multiple training sessions.

 Digital Skills  Digital Literacies

Even though staff and students are tech-savvy and know their way around social media platforms, they might lack the knowledge of how to use digital tools to benefit and aid their learning, teaching and administrative goals.

Digital SkillsDigital Literacies
Access and navigate and the Marks Administration System (MAS)Set-up assessment schedules; capture, verify and publish marks. In addition, the ability to extract reports and class lists.
Access and navigate the Turnitin – Anti-Plagiarism platformSet-up online class, add students; submit papers; generate similarity index reports. In addition, use the report to provide relevant feedback to students.
Access and navigate UWC Systems (iEnabler and UWC leave System)Apply for leave on the VisionX Leave system and book for training sessions using the iEnabler platforms.
Enter and manipulate text using Microsoft WordCreate documents, capture meeting minutes, complete administrative tasks. In addition, skills acquired enhances the teaching and learning experience.
Create presentations using Microsoft PowerPointSet up and configure automated presentations using digital content (text, audio, video and images, etc.).
Set up a Workbook using Microsoft ExcelCapture data on a spreadsheet; generate graphs based on captured data/content; manipulate formulas.
Create PDFs using Adobe Acrobat SuiteEdit and convert PDF documents; combine multiple PDFs; lock and sign PDF files to share amongst colleagues.
Introduction to the basics of using a Computer or laptopUse computer hardware and software to navigate the Microsoft user interfaces for administrative purposes.
Create a VodcastCreate digital media content, comprising of audio and video which is hosted online.
Manipulate audio in AudacityRecord sound clips; edit existing or newly recorded audio, as well as Podcasts.
Capture and edit text online with Google DocsCreate documents, capture meeting minutes, complete administrative tasks. In addition, sharing and collaborating with colleagues on one document.
Manage files and folders online using Google driveAccess and navigate; collate documents within folders; manage, share and collaborate with colleagues.
Meet online using Google Hangouts/MeetSet-up scheduled meetings; configure audio and video settings; use the features of Google Hangouts to host meetings, classes and training sessions.
Diarise your week using Google CalendarSchedule meetings, deadlines, Hangout sessions and online teaching events within your Google Calendar

Please contact the CIECT Team for any requests related to digital literacy workshops.  


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