‘Academic Honesty’: Making use of the Turnitin (Tii) Anti-Plagiarism Platform

Traditionaltext review methods would require lecturers to copy-paste text into Google or the Google Scholar search engine. Lecturers would repeat this process for each student submission. This method is cumbersome and is unable to access soft copies within paid websites.

Turnitin Report

Turnitin (Tii) is an anti-plagiarism detection platform that compares text within a document to archived papers within the Tii database and the World Wide Web. For example, all universities build their own databases over a period of time. Hence papers submitted will first be checked within the local Tii repository, prior to checking similarity text on the World Wide Web. Reports are generated within a one to twenty-four (1HR-24HRS) hours window period. The University of the Western Cape implemented the use of Tii in 2008 to deter academic dishonesty. All students’ submissions are checked against the UWC local repository, online submissions as well as journals, periodicals and publications (including paid sites).

The Originality Check tool creates an ‘Originality Report’, indicating:

1.       Colour codes to show comparisons, and

2.       Matches found are displayed in list format.


Access to Tii directly via the Turnitin website [turnitin.com]

The Turnitin platform is hosted on the world wide web (WWW), which allows users to access the Turnitin platform from any geographical space where internet connectivity is available. It should be noted, CIECT offers training to staff on how to use the Turnitin platform.

Email: ictstafftraining@uwc.ac.za for queries related to scheduled training sessions.  

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