447 Tutors engage in Online ‘eTools Kit for Tutors’ Workshops 2021

CIECT has designed and developed an Online Tutor Workshop, namely: ‘An eTools Kit for Tutors’. It forms part of the broader institutional Tutoring Programme (for students employed as Tutors). During the first term of 2021, CIECT conducted a series of workshops focusing on the familiarisation, navigation and facilitation within the Learning Management System (LMS), iKamva.

A number of 447 Tutors engaged in the workshops and subsequent to the training sessions, gained access to an online environment in order to set up specific student groups for teaching-and-learning practices. The workshops familiarised Tutors with the following processes and activities:

§  Create specific student groups and export of student group rosters;

§  Communicate(Announcement eTool) with dedicated student groups;

§  Structure and share learning material;

§  Create consultation and meeting sessions;

§  Create Tests & Quizzes;

§  Create Discussion Forums and Topics; and

§  Create Assignments

Tutor Feedback

Tutors were asked to evaluate the workshops by sharing authentic and anonymous feedback (impact and effectiveness). Here follows some comments:

§  “It was very helpful in teaching me ways in which i can communicate with students on ikamva”

§  This is my 3rd year tutoring and I never thought of using ikamva as a platform the way the presenter did used it”

§  “The workshop provided an in-depth explanation on what is expected from my role as a tutor. I hope to use the knowledge gained to the best of my ability.”

§  “As I did not know how to use Ikamva as a platform for tutors to work from. It will assist me with marking process etc but I still need to make time to better my skills in working on Ikamva but it’s been useful session in learning.”

The CIECT team encourages Departments to contact us at elearning@uwc.ac.za/ciect@uwc.ac.za – in order to arrange workshops for Faculty Tutors.

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