Transform Venues into Hybrid Teaching Spaces: Use of Document Cameras/Visualizers

The CIECT Team (AVS) is in the process of installing Document Cameras/Visualizers in venues across the University of the Western Cape (lecture halls and some pre-fab classrooms).

Display, annotate and stream content

Teaching venues across the campus will be fitted with Document Cameras/Visualizers, which facilitates hybrid/blended teaching. The visualizer is used to display enlarged versions of real-world objects to an audience through a projector; annotate on live projections making use of specialized software; and stream live sessions to students at ‘home’.

Visualizer: Stream via Conferencing Platforms [Zoom & Google Meet]

The Document Camera/Visualizer has to be coupled with video conferencing platforms (Google Meet & Zoom), in order for a lecturer to stream.  The visualizer entails a web camera with high image resolution, in comparison to the conventional webcam. In addition, the visualizers are fitted with LED light sources to provide clearer image quality. The lecturers can film themselves, interact with students present in the classroom; and connect remotely with students at ‘home’. The entire session can be recorded and saved on a memory stick; or through the conferencing platform.


Use of visualizer across disciplines

The visualizer has the ability to project real world objects. Lecturers across disciplines can display content and annotate on slides (presentations). The lecturer is also able to annotate on ‘live session’.

Student Engagement

The visualizer is equipped with a flexible and joint-free gooseneck, and moves easily in different positions and a 360° viewing angle. The camera can be pointed toward the lecturer for teaching; or towards the students so that students in the classroom can interact with those online.

Requirements for effective streaming

  Functional Visualizer

  Stable internet connection

  Laptop; or PC (workstation in the venue)


  The CIECT team will be offering training to lecturers. Communication regarding the sessions will follow soon.

  **The student only has to log-into the class via Zoom or Google Meet. The lecturer is responsible for setting-up the session.
Contact the CIECT team.Clint Braaf:
Eugene Alfred:

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