Digital Multimedia Literacies & Digital Skills

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) provides Multimedia Content Production Workshops to staff [academics, non-academics & students (requests from departments)].

Staff who have requested training (Jan – December 2020)Staff who have requested training (Jan – May 2021) 

The numbers above are indicative of the need for digital skills and literacies across the campus community.  *Weekly scheduled staff workshops and individual training sessions are conducted via Google Meet/Hangouts.

Digital Skills  Digital Literacies

Even though staff and students are tech-savvy and know their way around social media platforms, they might lack the knowledge of how to use multimedia tools to benefit and aid their learning, teaching and administrative goals.

Digital SkillsDigital Multimedia Literacies
Access and navigate the editing applicationBecome familiar with a video editing software interface, add video and images to a timeline, apply effects, apply transitions, Create titles and add audio to video footage [Post production of video content]
Access and become familiar with recording applicationsRecord computer screen and voice over do demonstrate the use of various applications. Convert video content to different formats best suited for the platform where it is going to be used. Compress video content to reduce file size and utilise less bandwidth when placed online. [Screen Recording, Conversion and Compression of video content]
Access and design a concept mapDesign and develop a concept map, visually representing a specific discipline, lecture, presentation, tutorial and workshop. It can further be integrated with the Cmap tool into an online environment to structure objectives, content and assessment tasks. [Concept Mapping]
Access and become familiar with various multimedia toolsDesign and develop a digital story by combining various multimedia processes (audio, video and editing processes).Embed multimedia content into various online environments, including iKamva and YouTube [Multimedia teaching tools for the Digital Age Workshop]

Please contact the CIECT Team for any requests related to digital literacy workshops. ;

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