Digital Academic Literacy Programme: Online delivery and facilitation during national lockdown

Digital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme: 1st Year & Senior Students

In this 21st Century, CIECT focuses on aDigital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme, where on the one hand staff and students are able to easily navigate and interact within online platforms; and on the other hand, many students still require basic computer literacy skills.  Thus, CIECT delivers the DAL Programme to novice users (1st year students), as well as advanced users (senior students/ other year levels). 

DAL Integration into Accredited Modules [Faculty Collaboration]

The CIECT Team collaborates with the Faculty to identify student needs. The DAL Programme is integrated into accredited modules across various faculties including EMS, Education, CHS, Dentistry, Law, Arts and Science. The DAL Programme entails the following basic literacy packages; and eTools training (familiarisation of the institutional Learning Management System/ iKamva).

Introduction to ComputersComputer basics
Word processing & Text EditingMs Word
Spreadsheets Creation & Data AnalysisMs Excel
Multimedia Presentation/GraphicsMs PowerPoint
eToolsiKamva (Learning Management System)

Multimodal Approach: Facilitation of large-scale basic literacy programme during national lockdown [3660 students]

Due to the national lockdown, 55 classes per week were delivered via a multimodal approach:

§  Google Hangouts & Big Blue Button (BBB): ‘Live’/synchronous classes

§    iKamva (LMS): Various eTools used, such as  Announcements, Course Resources, Test & Quizzes, Assignments, Discussion Forum, and Lessons Tool

§  Skills Assessment Manager (SAM): An online platform, which hosts an interactive environment, including simulations, instructional videos and a self-assessment interface. Students are able to view instructional videos on how to complete tasks. Thereafter, students are able to practice skills, before completing an online assessment.

Continuous Assessments

Students are expected to engage in the DAL Assessments. These were made available via iKamva. *Some students did not participate, especially during the first semester due data and devices challenges. A total number of 363 (10.8%) students did not participate and were deferred. They participated in the catch-up Programme (December 2020 and January 2021).

DAL Programme 2021: Service Level Agreements with Faculties

The DAL Programme is offered over a semester to participating Faculties. Departments engage with CIECT to design customised lessons. Extensive planning and collaboration with departments, includes:

§  The CIECT team conducts formal meetings with specific departments, to discuss the scope of the delivery of the Digital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme. The meetings entail aspects related to departmental specific needs; Programme outline and the agreement of the delivery of specific packages.

§  CIECT and the department develops and signs Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

§  The CIECT team recruits senior students as Tutors (co-facilitators) to assist with the DAL programme via work-study programme.

The table depicts departments who have signed SLAs for 2021. The list includes one new department, namely Sociology (SOC 151).

FacultyDepts./ModulesNumber of students[May 2021]
ArtsCST100 and LIB121337
CHSCCL111 and CCL121521
DentistryBDS and BOH111
EMSALC131, ALB131, FIA2421093
LawBSL100 and 101570
SciencePHA116, PHY111 and Phy152353
ArtsSOC 151601

The CIECT team collaborates with departments (in advance) – to prepare for the upcoming academic year.

NB:  CIECT welcomes collaboration for Semester 2 [i.e. additional departments] – if we are going to remain online for 2021.

NB: CIECT is not able to accommodate any new department for the current academic year 2021[i.e. if we are going to deliver face-to-face in the new semester]. Planning involves collaboration with the ICS Department for Labs/Venues.

Contact the Manager: DAL to plan and customise, in advance for Semester 2 (2021); and 2022. Mr Fundile Nkunge at; X3147 

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