Peer-Review: Encourage Constructive Student Feedback [Use of Turnitin Platform]

The CIECT team offers training and support to academics with regards to the ‘Peer-Review tool’, within the Turnitin (Tii platform).


The Peer Review tool allows students to review papers submitted by fellow students, within specific groups.

Set-up Turnitin Class & Assignment

The CIECT team assists the academic to set-up an online class and assignment. The lecturer is able to add students to the class and designate a specific topic/paper to the students.

Set-up ‘Peer-Review eTool’ with specific parameters

The lecturer is able to set-up the environment enabling student review/feedback to be linked to the assignment. Parameters include, a questionnaire, free response, number of papers to be reviewed.

Peer-Review Process

Students are able to submit assignments. Thereafter each student receives an anonymous student paper to be reviewed. Review criteria (provided by the lecturer), includes: grammar, spelling, sentence structure; and relevant content/topic. The feedback is collated within a ‘structured list view’ which makes it easy for the student (peer) to read.

Benefits of Peer-Review

Students are encouraged to engage in constructive feedback. In addition, it is necessary for students across disciplines, preparing within their specific fields to focus on critical aspects of assessment and feedback.

Contact the CIECT team to engage in planning processes (i.e. set-up and hosting the Peer-Review environment within Tii).

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