Why do I not see my online modules even though I have registered?

Some of your students at this time of the academic year, might ask the following:

Why do I not see my online modules?

1. If a lecturer has not created an online module, a registered student will not have access.

2. Students who have registered on a specific day will only have access after 24hrs; as the  enrollment update script runs once every 24 hrs.

3. Students who have not completed the registration processes, will not have access to their online modules.

4. Students are registered for many modules. These modules appear on the iKamva dashboard (once they have logged-in). Often they do not click on ‘sites’ (situated top- right corner) to view all modules (expand the drop-down).

NB:  If a student is not able to view modules, they should first contact their lecturers to make sure that these modules have been created on iKamva.

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