Law (PGDip in Labour Law): Successful Streaming of Online Orientation Programme (via Doc Cam & Google Meet)

Lecturers from the Law Faculty successfully hosted an online orientation programme for their Post -Graduate Diploma in Labour Law on the 6th of March 2021.

 Streaming: Making use of Document Camera & Google Meet

The online orientation was conducted making use of the Document Camera in the venue and Google Meet. More than fifty participants logged into the session from various geographical settings.

Introducing the Dean, Lecturers & Guest Speaker

The lectures introduced themselves and gave a breakdown of the course. A pre-recorded message from the Dean was played and students were able to engage with the lecturers and a guest speaker from the CCMA.

Demonstrations: Online Learning Platform (iKamva) & Library Session

In addition, the CIECT team demonstrated the use of the Learning Management System, iKamva and the Faculty Librarian presented a session.

AVS Team addressed technical set-up and monitored orientation session

The CIECT, AVS team facilitated technical aspects of the session in order for participants (students) to:

·         See and hear the presenters,

·         View the presentations,

·         Listen to pre-recorded messages, and

·         Engage with the lecturers.

Law Lectures will be streamed: Way-Forward

The lecturers (PGDip) will be conducting lectures in this format for the following month, supported by the CIECT, AVS team for technical support.

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