Google Meet/ Hangouts: Live chat, sharing learning material, data costs, capacity [100 participants]

Google Meet/Hangouts is an online communication tool that enables video and audio calls with the option of recording online sessions. Hangouts can be accessed via your Gmail profile, thus logging in to Gmail will grant you access to Hangouts. Group sessions are set up within the user’s calendar events.

NB: It is advised to add between 90-100 participants per session even though Google Hangouts allow up to 100 attendees per session. Please see the attached link which shows how to use, record and share.

YouTube Link:

NB: In March 2020 Google increased the number of users who could join a live lecture/Google Meet from 100 to 250  participants, due to the national lockdown.

NB: This number has been reduced to 100 on 01 March 2021. 

Following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Google Hangout sessions:

1.  Can Google Hangout Sessions be recorded?

Yes, Hangouts allows the presenters/event creator to record their online sessions. Please note, the presenter needs to inform participants to not end the recording from within the participant’s profile. Doing so will stop the recording session completely. 

** Recordings are saved to the presenter/event creator’s Google Drive (My Drive – Meet Recordings) folder. Please also be advised, the recording link is sent to the original presenter/event creator’s email inbox which can then be shared with the rest of the Hangouts attendees.

2.    Can a participant record the session? 

Yes, participants are able to record sessions. We strongly advise against this option. The recording should be captured by the presenter/event creator (lecturer, meeting host). 

3.   Will I be able to upload the recording to iKamva?

Yes, videos with less than a 100MB size allocation can be uploaded to iKamva. Lecturers will also be able to share their Google Drive video link with students, should videos exceed the 100MB size allocation. 

4.  How much data will I use?

The following table outlines the estimated data usage:

5 minutes Audio and Video call 40 – 50MB 10 minutes Audio and Video call 80 – 100MB 20 minutes Audio and Video call 160 – 200MB 50 minutes Audio and Video call 400 – 500MB 

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