Tutor Training 2021: ‘An eTools Kit for Tutors’ Programme

CIECT has designed and developed an online tutor workshop, namely: ‘An eTools Kit for Tutors’ The online workshop will focus on familiarising prospective and current tutors within the Learning Management System (LMS) iKamva. The tutors engaged in the workshop will gain access to an online environment and setup specific student groups for teaching-and-learning practices. 

See Tutor programme and online training date (sessions links) below:

 Access & Navigate iKamva   Platform Access and navigate online environmentEngage with structured learning content10 min
 Create and manage tutorial   groupsCreate tutorial group (name)Add students to groupExport of student groups15 min
 Communicate with dedicated   student tutorial groups Create announcement to tutorial group/ studentsSetup of discussion topicsEngage (respond) to student feedback on topics/forumsSetup of academic eventsCreate consultation sessions20 min
 Assessment and GradingCreate Tutorial Assignments (uploadable)Grade assignments online Submit feedback and marks (online)Showcase and discuss Gradebook functionalitiesView student activity within online environmentExport statistics and reports20 mins
Thursday, 25 February 13:00-14:30Click on link to join session: https://meet.google.com/ram-unyq-omv
Monday, 08 March 15:00-16:30Click on link to join session: https://meet.google.com/zvp-pwbj-ohe
Friday, 12 March 10:00-11:30Click on link to join session:  https://meet.google.com/fjj-yuge-gcv
Thursday, 18 March 10:00-11:30Click on link to join session: https://meet.google.com/emz-ntvu-acb
Thursday, 25 March 14:00-15:30Click on link to join session: https://meet.google.com/vvf-piqd-zaw

Contact the CIECT Team to book an online workshop session for your Tutors.

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