Law Faculty: Blended Learning Arrangements [planning, design, development prior to Covid-19 pandemic/national lockdown]

Law Faculty lecturers across departments created a total number of 95 blended learning environments for the academic year, 2020. Lecturers in collaboration with the CIECT team have made use of various content, communication, and assessment eTools within the iKamva platform. These include structured weekly learning materials, readings, PowerPoint lectures and multimedia. Communication tools include the use of announcements to post notices and discussion forum topics. The lecturers share course resources, structured lessons; and set-up online tests. 

Scaffolding, alignment and self-directed learning activities

Lecturers across the Faculty have also designed interactive online environments which included the scaffolding of structured learning content, assessment activities and podcasts for review of lecture concepts, themes, and readings. This has been structured making use of the ‘Lessons eTool’. Students are able to navigate the content, track their progress and complete activities for reinforcement and self-directed learning.

Tests and Quizzes: Randomised question pools, revision & reinforcement purposes

The Tests & Quizzes tool – has been used for formative assessment activities. Formative tests were created and random questions were drawn in from different question pools for each student, to ensure the integrity of the assessment. Tests, as well as weekly quizzes, were linked to the specific learning content and outcomes.

Audio-recordings (podcasts) aligned to lesson themes

Some lecturers have also included Podcastswithin their blended learning environments. These audio-recordings expanded on discipline-specific topics and aimed to further reinforce students’ understanding of course content. These recordings were structured in different parts according to specific lesson themes and distributed within the ‘Course Resources’ eTool in iKamva.

Live- lecture recordings (Hangouts/Meetings)

Lecturers have also made extensive use of the ‘Meetings’ tool to conduct live lectures for their students. These recorded online lectures were available for students to view in order to reinforce learning. Students were also able to review the recorded lectures in preparation for the exams.

NB: It should be noted that lecturers have collaborated with the CIECT team to design and develop their interactive blended environments, prior to the national lockdown (Covid-19 pandemic).

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