TIPS for Lecturers: What to consider when setting up online examinations

It is important that you consider the following tips when you develop online exams.

Setting up and selection of exam question types     

 TIP 1: Use ‘Upload File’ Question Type

  • It is advised to make use of ‘File Upload’ question types within Tests and Quizzes that provides a student time to type it out on a text editing document and upload it in the system.
  • The test is still timed and requires students to complete within a specific time-frame
  • This allows for a file upload question to be added to a new or existing assessment. This question type presents a question or assignment that requires the user to upload a file.

TIP 2: Short Answer Essay Question Type

Please note that the ‘Short Answer Essay’ type requires students to be online for a specific time-frame. Should they lose connection they will lose their answers if they have not saved.

**To avoid many student requests to re-open tests and students losing their typed submissions, it is advised to avoid this question type.

** If you choose to make use of this question type, the students are advised to

·        Type answers in a text document first; and

·        Copy and paste it within the text editor in iKamva.

 TIP 3: Assignment Submissions

·        The Assignment eTool enables students to view and download the exam paper which can include short and/or long answer questions.

·        Students are able to formulate their responses and upload the saved document within the specific time-period.

·        This enables assignments to be checked via (Tii) automatically

·        You are able to bulk-download the submissions, mark it offline (using track changes in Word) and upload graded assignments with feedback comments to students.

TIP 4: Take- Home Exams linked to Turnitin (Tii)

·        A ‘Take-home’ exam can be created making use of the ‘Assignment’ eTool

·        Make use of the ‘Single File Upload’ submission type

·        Turnitin only generates a report from a single file  

TIP 5: Timed Assessments/Exams

  • If a timed test is created, you should allow the student to have sufficient time to access and settle. Hence an extended ‘open and close time’ setting is advised.
  • Example: If a test is 45 minutes, the opening and closing time-period should be set for at least 60 minutes. This gives students with different access and data capabilities enough time to login and begin the assessment 
  • Do not tick the “Autosubmit save students’ work after the latest date” option if a test is timed.

Please contact CIECT to discuss and advise with the creation of your online examinations in advance.

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