‘Test & Quizzes’: Used for Summative & Formative Assessments [Carefully observe settings prior to publishing online]

iKamva consists of various Assessment eTools. NB Please take note of the ‘Test & Quizzes eTool’ (application) – prior to setting up an online exam.

Tests and Quizzes: Description and Application 
Inserting Images to TestsWhen adding images to tests, it must be placed into a hidden folder in the course resources with settings to allow it to show contents. 
Short Answer Essay Question TypesWhen using short answer question types it is important that students type out their response in an offline document editor first and when ready paste in the text box provided online.
File Upload Question Types
It is advised to make use of ‘File Upload’ question types within Tests and Quizzes that provides a student time to type it out on a text editing document; and upload it in the system. The test is still timed and requires students to complete within a specific time-frame. 
Timed- tests/exams/assessments
If a timed test is created, you should allow the student to have sufficient time to access and settle. Hence an extended ‘open and close time’ setting is advised.Do not tick the Autosubmit saved students’ work after the latest date option if a test is timed. 
Auto submit feature on exams/assessments
Please note that the Autosubmit setting does not save student work before submitting. Students are advised to save their progress as often as possible.
Settings for assessments and examsAll Tests settings and configurations need to be set before publishing as editing the test settings after it has been published can and will cause unforeseen issues. Avoid modifying the settings of a published assessment while testing is in progress. Instead, wait until the final submission date has passed. Warning: You should ONLY use the “Stop Accepting Now” option if you are sure that students are not currently working on the assessments in progress. Stopping and automatically submitting an active assessment will submit it immediately without warning; the student will not be able to save their work before it submits. Late Submission setting should be (Due Time + Test Duration + 20min. e.g. 12:00 + 1hr 30min + 20min = 13:50
When students engage in online tests:-The ‘Save’ button must be clicked to record each answer
– Multiple devices should not be used.  Using different devices to access iKamva will affect the submission and the recording of the specific assessment. Log out first from one device before logging into another device/browser
-Always use Google Chrome (Version 83); OR Mozilla FireFox (Version 77). Use the latest versions of the Internet Browsers

Contact CIECT to advise and assist you with the setup of your online examinations

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