iKamva is Zero-rated: How can I embed YouTube videos and avoid data costs?

CIECT has been in communication with the Information Communication Services (ICS) Department, who have confirmed that iKamva is zero-rated.

The South African Government has negotiated with the four (4) leading Mobile Network Operators (namely Vodacom; MTN; CellC; and Telkom) in order to zero-rate all institutional Learning Management Systems (including iKamva) for as long as the national lockdown is in place.

NB:  However, please note if you link/embed YouTube videos and other external websites from your iKamva module, students will require data (incur data costs). The zero-rate only applies to content and media that resides on the iKamva servers (e.g content uploaded to iKamva).

How can I embed a Youtube video within iKamva and avoid data costs?

If lecturers download a Youtube video OR create their own videos; Upload it into the ‘Course Resources’ section (iKamva); and insert (embed) video in the ‘Lessons eTool’, the students will not incur data costs.

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