Digital Academic Literacy Programme (DAL) delivered to 3660 students in 2020

The CIECT Team has designed and developed the Digital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme. This basic computer literacy programme is offered to 1st year students (novice users).  The CIECT Team collaborates with the Faculty to identify student needs. The programme is integrated into accredited modules across various faculties including EMS, Education, CHS, Dentistry, Law and Arts. The team implemented a Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) platform (Interactive online training) to complement the face-to-face teaching. The use of SAM is to strengthen the blended-teaching approach, to train and support students. **Moreover, the SAM platform assisted with student online training during the national lockdown period.

The DAL Programme includes eTools training (institutional Learning Management System/ iKamva). The LMS is also used as a mode of delivery for the DAL Programme:

●       Online classes

o   Due to the national lockdown, classes were delivered online using different platform such as Google Hangouts, Big Blue Button (BBB) which embedded on Learning Management System (iKamva)

●      iKamva (LMS)

o   Various eTools are used to deliver the programme such as announcements, course resources, Test & Quizzes, Assignments, Discussion Forum, structured lesson tool and online lessons through the ” Big Blue Button” tool.

●       SAM (Skills Assessment Manager)

o   The Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) is an online tool, which assists students with acquiring ICT skills. The Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) hosts an interactive online environment, including simulations, instructional videos and a self-assessment interface. Students are able to view instructional videos on how to complete tasks within the SAM platform. Students are able to practice skills acquired during the video presentation before completing an online.

o   The greatest challenge is that the SAM platform is only compatible with a desktop, laptop and some tablets depending on the screen size, and use data. Hence the CIECT team emphasises a blended approach for the delivery of the DAL Programme, especially use of simulations. [An ideal support system for DAL is a blended approach whereby some students are able to access the resources such as labs and wifi; and others access from home].

●      Assessments DAL Programme 2020: The Programme assessments were conducted via the LMS (iKamva) in 2020, since it can be accessed via the smart phones. Some students did not participate especially during the first semester due to the devices and data challenges as expected. The total number of 363 (10.8%) students did not participate and were deferred. They participated in the catch-up Programme (December 2020 and January 2021).

The DAL Programme is offered over a semester to participating Faculties. Departments engage with CIECT to design customised lessons.


●       The CIECT team conducts formal meetings with specific departments, to discuss the scope of the delivery of the Digital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme. The meetings entail aspects related to departmental specific needs; Programme outline and the agreement of the delivery of specific packages.

●       CIECT and the department develops and signs Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

●       The CIECT team recruits senior students as Tutors (co-facilitators) to assist with the DAL programme via work-study programme.

** It should be noted that in 2020 the CIECT team successfully delivered the Digital Academic Literacy Programme to 3660 students including the customised workshops during semester one.

We encourage the UWC community to contact CIECT a year in advance to plan for the following academic year.

NB: CIECT is not able to accommodate any  new department for the current academic year 2021

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