CIECT provides Multimedia Training Workshops & Consultations during National Lockdown

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) provides quality Multimedia support and Skills Training workshops to all academics and non-academics across faculties and departments at UWC.

Sessions cover both basic and intermediate training, including Multimedia workshops, Basic Video Editing, Screen Recording and Concept mapping training.

During the national lockdown period, the team offered training and consultations via Google Hangouts, Zoom and Whatsapp.  Participants across the institution requested remote Multimedia support and training, including:

–       Human Resources,

–       Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences,

–       Faculty of Education,

–       Faculty of Dentistry,

–       Faculty of Arts,

–       Faculty of Community and Health,

–       Faculty of Law,

–       Faculty of Sciences,

–       Dullah Omar Institute,

–       The Office of Student Development and

–       The Student Enrolment Management Unit

NB91 participants requested one-on-one online training and consultation sessions

NB: The team offered Multimedia workshops and training to the Faculty of Education, Nursing and the Dullah Omar Institute for the period January – Nov 2020.

NB: During the second semester the team offered its Digital Media Literacy course, fully online to 230 Arts Foundation, Extended Curriculum Programme students. 95% of students visited the course materials on Ikamva and 62% passed the module.

The table below indicates software packages and online systems the CIECT team offers.

Multimedia workshopsConceptualising a digital storyImage editing (Pixlr)Audio production and editing (Audacity)Video editing (explores various editors)Uploading to YouTube and creating a channel
Basic video editingOpenShot / WeVideo
Screen Recording, Compression and ConversionMonosnapHandbrake
Concept mappingCmap tools

Please contact the CIECT Team for any requests related to the software and systems training for the packages shown in the table.

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