Center for Performing Arts (CPA) Delivers online music practical’s & final assessment during national lockdown

The Director of the Centre for the Performing Arts (CPA), Henriette Weber attended CIECT’s Annual Colloquium in 2019; and engaged with Dr Juliet Stoltenkamp at the Teaching and Learning breakaway in February of 2020. Consequently, she has established a relationship with the CIECT team, and Terence Pretorius (Instructional Designer) was assigned to the course –Theory & History of Music & Form.

The Centre for the Performing Arts (CPA) offers accredited Continuing Education Music courses and discussed the possible creation of blended teaching and learning environments with CIECT during the national lockdown, especially the use of iKamva and other educational technologies.

Training Workshops: Effective use of eTools

CIECT hosted iKamva workshops for the CPA staff and advised on the different affordances of various eTools. These participants included: The Learning & Teaching Team (included part-time lecturers) – Sean Kierman (Brass), Anel Galvin (Reeds, Aural, Theory), Stephan Galvin (Percussion), George Werner (Jazz Piano & UWC Jazz Combo), Arno Jones (Voice) and Noelene Visagie (History of Music & Form). The DVC Academic appointed Andy Matima as Associate Lecturer at the CPA (Voice, UWC Community Chamber Choir and Staff & Student liaison). 

Multimodal Approach: Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment

From April to June 2020, a multimodal approached was adopted whereby the students engaged remotely via the iKamva platform. In addition, various modes such as WhatsApp Voice & Video calls, email, Zoom, and Skype platforms. *Inevitably, data became a challenge. 

iKamva Platform supports delivery of theory and assessment

The CIECT team further assisted CPA lecturers to engage with their students by: 

  • Creating the iKamva site (selecting the appropriate content, assessment, and communication eTools) 
  • Creating student accounts and linking them to the Online Orientation Module for guidelines on how to use iKamva and;
  • Linking other CIECT supporting resources via the CIECT YouTube channel.

Online Music Practical Lessons

The CPA lecturers invested a lot of time in teaching and tutoring their students. They employed creative methods, in order to deliver effective “practical lessons”.

Online Music Practical Final Assessments

Currently all work is on track and assessments are conducted online. The course, Theory & History of Music & Form was completed on iKamva. Students engaged in their final assessments via Google Meet and Zoom on Saturday 28 November; and will conclude on the 2 December 2020.

The following images showcase the online practical lessons. *Permission to use from CPA.

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