Science Faculty: Pre-recorded videos, Tutorials, Model Answers & Assessments

Lecturers Clement Nyirenda and Louise Leenen, in collaboration with their Tutors have created  an online structured module for the 2nd year students. They have made use of a multimodal approach in order to engage and accommodate students during the lockdown period.

Structured learning content and pre-recorded videos

The ‘Course Resources’ eTool was effectively to structure the content:

●     Lecture presentations,

●     Pre-recorded lecture videos,

●     Tutorials and,

●     Practical exercises and solutions

Students were able to view the content online and download for offline usage from any geographical location, with internet connection.

Tutorials & Practicals aligned to Assessments

Structured weekly tutorial exercises and practicals were created within the ‘Assignments’ eTool. Students were required to submit their bi-weekly Tutorial activities, after engaging in the online tutorial session. A test was also created within the Tests and Quizzes eTool which consisted of two parts: Part A had multiple choice questions and Part B had short answer essay type questions. The second part of the test was marked online by the lecturer and students were provided with their assessment scores and specific comments to their essay questions.

Online Consultation Sessions & Model Answers [Tutorial Solutions]

Weekly online consultations sessions were created for students to engage with the lecturer regarding specific questions related to the tutorial topics. During these sessions the lecturer guided students through tutorial questions and shared the model answers with those who were able to join. The discussions were recorded so students could view it after the class to reinforce their learning of the topic. In addition, a downloadable version of the tutorial solutions was shared via iKamva in order to accommodate those students who could not join the live sessions.

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