BigBlueButton (Online Meetings tool) within iKamva vs. preferred Google Hangouts Tool

CECT in collaboration with lecturers across faculties, have extensively explored the BBB Online Meetings tool (3rd party tool that has been integrated within iKamva) – during this lockdown period.

We have reflected on this pilot phase/lessons learnt; and specifically the challenges related to BBB in comparison with the Google Hangouts Meeting tool.

The CIECT team is currently experiencing many challenges with regards to this 3rd party tool within iKamva (BBB). Users have experienced challenges, including:

 Hardware challenges and could not hear the lecture (sound issues)

  Live recordings cannot be downloaded and is only visible within the Meetings tool

  It only allows one file type to be uploaded at a time

  Some students and lecturers struggled to enter the Meeting

  Some lecturers had trouble sharing their screens in order to showcase specific content

  The Notification functionality repeatedly sends error messages

  The platform incurs data costs for certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

NB: More importantly, the external party has not provided adequate technical support for this 3rd party tool.

NB: We have recently informed our users – that it would be best to make use of the functional meetings tool, namely Google Hangouts (for live lectures and video conferencing).

Thank you to all the lecturers who engaged with the exploration of  BBB. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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