Law: Themes, Podcasts, Questions Pools & Student Groups to ensure the Integrity of Assessment

Lecturer Debbie Hamman in collaboration with the CIECT team has created a structured online environment for First year Mercantile Law (MER102) students. The lecturer shared course resources, structured lessons; and set-up an online test.

Lessons aligned to themes & self-directed learning

The lessons are structured and aligned to themes (1 – 12) whereby students:

  • view content (which can also be downloaded for offline viewing);
  • track their knowledge of a specific theme; and
  • download a quiz for reinforcement and self-directed learning (no marks assigned).

Podcasts aligned to themes

Podcasts are shared with students on a weekly basis in relation to the specific themes; as well as the course outline.  Regular course communication and announcements are shared with students via the announcements tool.

Online test: Question pools & student groups to ensure integrity of the assessment

Approximately 540 students have engaged in their first term test which entailed 5 parts. Various question types were applied, namely, Multiple Choice (drawn from a question pool), Matching, Fill-in-the-blank, and practical question responses. The students were divided into two groups (according to surname); to ensure that each group engaged in different question pools. Two assessment sessions were set up on a specific day, to allow the student groups to engage in the online test.

image (6)

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