Anti-Plagiarism for Student Success: Turnitin – Rubrics & Voice Comment Tool

Traditional text review methods would require lecturers to copy-paste text into Google or the Google Scholar search engine. Lecturers would repeat this process for each student submission. This method is cumbersome and is unable to access softcopies within paid websites.

Turnitin training during the lockdown period

Student training entailed generating and downloading a Turnitin report. During the training workshops, the students were able to pose questions on how to submit assignments, resubmit assignments and interpret their reports. To date (20th March till 1 September), CIECT has assisted more than 432 UWC members (staff and students) on queries related to the use of Turnitin. 

Turnitin Tools

Turnitin Report

The Turnitin search engine instantaneously locates sourced text from multiple submissions. This process is executed by the Turnitin search engine as soon as assignments are uploaded by students. Reports are generated within a one to twenty-four (1H-24H) hour window period. All students’ submissions are checked against the UWC local repository, online submissions as well as journals, periodicals and publications (including paid sites). The use of the ‘Originality Check Tool’ has increased across faculties and is the most requested tool within Turnitin. 

Rubric Tool integrated within ‘Assignment’

The Turnitin (Tii) platform enables the seamless integration of a Rubric within ‘assignments. Lecturers/Instructors are able to create Rubrics tailored to their niche discipline.  The Rubric Scoring Tool assists the lecturer to complete the rubric accordingly. It should be noted; multiple Rubrics can be created and used across various assignments. Students are able to view their accumulated total mark within the Rubric.

Voice Comment Tool

The Turnitin ‘Voice Comment’ tool allows lecturers to give audio feedback in relation to student papers, submitted to the Turnitin (Tii) platform. The tool forms part of several online tools, within the Turnitin Grade Mark Tool. Students are able to listen to the lecturer’s audio feedback, whilst reading the report/feedback.

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