EMS: Student Developmental Approach; Self-Evaluation and Reflective Pieces

EMS Faculty Lecturer, Salo Moodley has created an online environment to support teaching, learning and assessment practices for her 1st year Academic Literacy for Business students (ALB 131). The online environment made use of content creation and assessments tools and enabled students to engage in and complete this 1st Semester module during the lockdown period.

Assignments aligned to Turnitin (Tii): Developmental Approach – Writing & Referencing Skills

A number of assessments were conducted via iKamva’s Assignments tool, allowing students to submit their work remotely and enabled immediate tracking of non-submissions. Major assignments were checked for originality using the iKamva’s Turnitin integration, which enabled students to resubmit their work up to 4 times in order to develop their writing and referencing skills.

Self-evaluation and Reflective Pieces

Students were expected to submit a reflective piece called a self-evaluation, where they would critique one of their own writing tasks submitted previously. Students were required to give themselves a mark and then motivate their reasoning for this mark. This also enabled the lecturer to gauge if the student had grasped key concepts and topics required for the module.

Reflection & Lessons Learnt

The students were also requested to submit a reflective task, whereby they had the opportunity to reflect on their respective journeys in the ALB 131 module; and identify and discuss what they deemed to have been the most valuable lessons learnt in this module.


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