Language & Communication Studies: ‘ePreps’, Tutorials & Take-home Exam

Language & Communication Studies lecturers, Kirby America and Zannie Bock developed a comprehensive, interactive online environment for students enrolled in the 1st Semester LCS 211 module. The module focused on central theoretical issues involved in Communication.


‘ePreps’ via Assignments eTool

The lecturers developed ‘ePreps’ which were submitted online and marked before the tutorial class (tutorials took place via the Chat Room tool during the lockdown). Tutors were allowed to address specific problem areas during this lockdown period. Furthermore, Turnitin integration was enabled to allow the written pieces to be checked for plagiarism.

‘Take-home Exam’ via Assignments eTool

The semester exam for the module was also conducted through iKamva’s Assignments eTool in the form of a Take-home exam. Students were required to submit a single document as their answer sheet, which was also sent through Turnitin. A total of 379 students managed to submit via iKamva (including the supplementary exam).

Lessons aligned to Weekly Topics & Interactive Questions

The online environment was structured according to weekly lecture topics, with a ‘Lesson’ page developed for each lecture. The lessons included content such as lecture slides, links to videos, course readings, and instructions for ePreps. Interactive questions were embedded in the lessons pages, which allow students to test their knowledge during learning.


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