TIP: Use the Gradebook Tool to assist with online marking/grading

It is advisable to add the Gradebook eTool – to all your online modules; especially if you intend to mark assessments online.

The Gradebook eTool will enable:

  • Auto-calculatecourse grades, with the ability to over-ride any course grade.
  • Collect and display scoresfrom tools such as Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, and Forums.
  • Import gradesfrom a spreadsheet (CSV) file.
  • Export grades as a spreadsheet (CSV) file.
  • Organise grades into categories, and use categories to:
  • Assign a weight to the category,
  • Automatically drop grades in a specific category.
  • Exporta printer-friendly (PDF) version of individual student grades.

Students can view their own grades and comments in the Gradebook.

Contact the CIECT team at eLearning@uwc.ac.za

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