Technical factors that impact online assessments

It is important that you are aware of the following factors that impact the successful completion of an online assessment:

  • Students may have limited to no data, which will affect their internet connectionto iKamva (speed/bandwidth). Saving and moving to the next question could also be impacted.
  • Students should take note that online exams will be timed. Hence, they should ensure that they have a stable internet connection.
  • Students should ‘NOT’ double clickon the exam to open it. They should only click once on a link and wait for it to load.
  • Students should click on the ‘Save’ buttonto record each answer as they progress through the examination.
  • Students should make sure that they have logged out of iKamva from all other devices, before logging in to start their online exam from one specific device.
  • Students accessing their online examination make use of different devices.
  • Multiple devices should not be usedto access tests and especially online exams. Using different devices to access iKamva (at the time of the online exam) will affect the submission and the recording of the specific examination.
  • Students should alwaysuse the latest versions of Google Chrome OR Mozilla FireFox

**If a student experiences connection issues, before the lecturer allows another attempt, appropriate investigation should be conducted by the CIECT team to provide verification. The decision will be up to the lecturer once evidence has been provided.

Timed Assessments/Exams

If a timed test is created, you should allow the student to have sufficient time to access and settle. Hence an extended ‘open and close time’ setting is advised.

Example: If a test is 45 minutes, the opening and closing time-period should be set for at least 60 minutes. This gives students with different access and data capabilities enough time to login and begin the assessment

Please contact CIECT to advise and assist with your online examination in iKamva

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