Education Faculty: Multimodal approach to assist students

Lecturer Carole Bloch from the Faculty of Education, teaching English Home Language (ELT 311) makes use of social learning via WhatsApp and iKamva to support her students. This format of learning embraces the #NoStudentWillBeLeftBehind campaign.


The lecturer schedules meeting times with each group of students which consists of eleven groups. Information is shared with the students that have challenges connecting to the internet and that have no devices.


Students that struggle with uploading their assignments to iKamva can share it to their WhatsApp groups  and the lecturer or group coordinators upload it via Assignments. This collaborative effort is well planned between the lecturer, teaching assistants, tutors and the CIECT  Instructional Design team.


The online environment is structured as follows:

  • Announcements are posted on iKamva and also shared on the WhatsApp group.

  • Structured course resources aligned to content topics are shared including multimedia

  • Continuous assessment tasks including a Term Assessment are structured within the Assignment etool

  • Test & Quizzes to tests application and knowledge attained

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