Introduction to Public Administration – structured online environment

Lecturers, Gregory Ruiters, Fundiswa Khaile and Joshua Oghenetega jointly teach the ‘Introduction to Public Administration’ module (PUA131). The lectures consulted with the CIECT team and prepared a teaching plan which highlighted the purpose and outcomes for each topic; learning content to be presented and related learning activities.  This teaching plan guided the design and development of a structured online environment.

The Lessons eTool was used to create interactive content sections and included the following structure:

  • Introduction of topics that will be covered;
  • Checklist of activities to be completed;
  • Recommended reading list;
  • Information related to topic including the use of text and images;
  • Embedding of articles, presentations and/or videos;
  • Content links sharing;
  • Linking to discussion topics for student engagement;
  • Linking to specific assignments related to topic/s; and
  • Linking to online quiz activities

Students are able to actively engage with the structured learning content from their respective devices and locations.


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