Education Faculty: Interactive online structured English module for teaching and assessment [FAL101]

Education Lecturer Intisar Etbaigha created her interactive online module during the Covid-19 lockdown period. The lecturer engaged with the CIECT team to assist her with the use and application of the Lessons, Discussion Forum and Tests and Quizzes eTools. She attended the first online training session conducted by the CIECT team for the Education Faculty. This workshop was conducted via Google Hangouts. 

The lecturer used the teaching guides and online module exemplar shared by CIECT as a guide to develop her  module online.

Application: Lessons, Discussion Forum

This first year module (FAL 101) hosts structured lessons which were segmented according to weekly discipline specific topics A reading corner was developed in the online space, which is aimed at motivating students to read different literature pieces and then share their feedback within the Discussion Forum. Narrated PowerPoint Presentations was developed and embedded for each lecture. The learning content, readings, and assessment activities were integrated with the lessons eTool and the graduate attributes linked to the activity were also shared. Hence, students were able to see how the learning content and assessments were linked in order to develop specific graduate attributes and achieve learning outcomes. 

Weekly content was designed to highlight the specific learning outcomes, graduate attributes, and a checklist which reminded students what the learning activities were required. The lecturer also provided a summary at the end of each week which reminded the students of the content that was addressed and the learning activities and outcomes achieved. 

Application Tests and Quizzes and Assignments

During a follow-up online consultation, the lecturer was assisted with the creation of her online assessments. The lecturer was first advised on the use of the specific eTools. Subsequently the Tests and Quizzes eTool was used to design interactive tests which host different question types: MCQ, True and False, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Matching question types.

The assessments were designed to assess the application of knowledge attained. Students also submitted tutorial tasks making use of the Assignments eTool. The lecturer was able to bulk-download the submissions, mark it offline (using track changes in Word) and upload graded assignments with feedback comments to students.

The lecturer noted: “This online module which you shared with us, is so great… it helped me to design and think about my own module and how I can make it easier for my students”

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