School of Science and Mathematics design structured formative assessments [MAE 211]

Lecturer, Dr Benita Nel consulted extensively with the CIECT Instructional Designers to conceptualise and plan the assessments.

Preparing the Assessments

The assessments were tested via the ‘Test Preview Mode’ to ensure correct question formatting and display of mathematical notation.  Question pools were created to allow for the randomisation of questions. The questions were structured into different levels – from lower order thinking to higher order thinking questions. In addition the lecturer made use of CIECT’s instructional videos on how to create ‘Test & Quizzes’.

Student Preparatory Test & Instructional Videos [Familiarisation]

A preparatory quiz was created in order to familiarise the students with the assessment environment. Important information regarding the tests was posted within the Announcement eTool. More importantly, the lecturer referred the students to CIECT’s instructional videos on how to engage in assessments  (

Assessment Feedback 

The lecturer structured the online assessments so that feedback was shared at a specific date after all students had completed. The feedback allows students to view and compare their answers with the memorandum, in order to identify gaps in knowledge for review purposes.

*The lecturer continues to be creative and have made use of the Test & Quizzes for summative purposes; and making use of the Question Pools that allows for randomisation of project related assessments.

image (15)image (16)

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