Students can save & view lesson pages offline: iKamva Mobile App [new offline repository feature]

Download lesson pages, save it on your smartphone and read it off-line

Students will be able to save data by making use of the iKamva mobile application; especially the new offline feature. A student will be able to download all their lesson pages and view/read it off line, by making use of the iKamva Mobile Application. The pages will be stored locally to your mobile device, and you will not incur data costs when saving and reading the lesson page. Furthermore, you will be able to read/view your pages multiple times, without incurring costs.

How to save a lesson page on my mobile device

  • Login with the iKamva mobile application with your UWC login details

  • Navigate your lesson page (specific module).

  • Press and hold on an empty space within the page for three (3) seconds to save the page.

NB: The page will be stored locally to your device; and you will not incur data costs when saving the lesson page.



How to view/read a lesson page that has been stored offline

  • Logout of your user account to access the login screen.

  • Select the ‘Offline Files’ button to launch the various offline navigation tools.

  • Select ‘Offline Browser’ to launch your local browser (Google Chrome is the preferred browser).

NB: Various devices may require students to paste the URL (file:///sdcard/Download/ or file:///sdcard/Download/iKamva/) within the URL address bar as illustrated .


Instructional video: How to download lesson pages and read/view offline

Click on this link to view an instructional video on how to download pages for offline viewing.

**If you have not downloaded the iKamva Mobile App, view the following instructional video

Click on this link to view an instructional video on how to install the iKamva Mobile Application:  **The iKamva Mobile Application (Android devices only) can be downloaded from the iKamva platform ( The iKamva Android application acts as a dedicated browser for iKamva.

Technical Tips

1. Phone Security: Certain devices may not allow the offline view feature , moreover some devices will not allow the iKamva app to create the offline folder due to security on the device which blocks folder creation. This will require you to manually create the iKamva folder inside the ‘Download’ folder on your device.

**Click on this link to view an instructional video on ‘How to create the iKamva folder manually’

2. Allow storage access:  In addition to granting access to the iKamva Mobile app, you may be required to allow storage access to the app. Click on this link to view an instructional video on ‘Allow storage access to the iKamva Mobile App’.

**We would like all staff and students to explore this new feature. Here follows a table with regards to recent testing of iKamva Mobile App – New Offline repository feature.


Device Name

Challenge during testing


Samsung A9

No issues

I could test everything and it worked fine

Save offline pages

View it afterwards


HUAWEI P20 lite

Unable to view offline browser

I had to enable all permissions, including location and phone permissions in order to access offline browser

Samsung Note 2

No issues experienced


Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

No issues experienced


Huawei Honor 7A

The application was efficient and effective



No issues


Huawei P20

No Issues


Huawei Y5 Prime

No Issues


Huawei P8 Lite

I was able to get as far as saving the pages on the app, but I struggled when I had to open the pages on “Offline Browser”. Instead my browser read “Your file was not found – it may have been moved or deleted”.

CIECT contacted me via Whatsapp and explained how I should go to my internal storage settings > go to downloads folder > and create a new sub-folder called ‘ikamva’.

Secondly, the video that Mr Nkunge sent on the DAL group (How to create the ikamva folder manually) was very direct and helpful. My initial issue with locating my offline files was resolved.

Infinix x4

No issues


Huawei Y7 2018

The issue was the permission which was not granted

I went to settings and turned on storage permission

Patience worked for me

Samsung Grand Prime

At  first I did not have the offline files option

I then uninstalled the app and installed it again and I found the option so I was able to save and go to my browser and view it successfully with my data disabled.

Samsung Grand Galaxy Prime

No issues experienced


Huawei Nova 5T

No issues experienced


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