e-IPE World Café Success Story: Collaborative online interactive session via iKamva

The Interprofessional Education Unit (IPEU) hosted the first e-IPE World Café on 8 May 2020 via iKamva. As a result of the lockdown due to Covid-19, this event called for creative intervention to ensure that no student is disadvantaged due to a lack of data. Lecturers, Luzaan Kock-Africa and Dr. Gérard Filies with the assistance of the CIECT team, were responsible for the design of the platform on iKamva for the event.

UWC and Stellenbosch University students from Dietetics and Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Natural Medicine, Biokinetics and Medicine engaged in a 2 hour session via iKamva. The following activities took place during the online engagement:

  • The Chat Room was used to give students instructions and used as a medium for communication throughout the event as well as introductions from students.
  • The Lessons tool was used as a guideline for students to navigate through the different activities for the event and once they completed each activity they could tick off each activity.
  • Narrated PowerPoint presentations were embedded including a welcome presentation (to explain how the World Café would progress); and a presentation on the background around the discipline of interprofessional education and practice.
  • The Course Resources folder for students to find administrative and other resources.
  • The Discussion Forum where students engaged and had to explain the role of each discipline in their group to each other. The groups were given a case study where they had to discuss the intervention as an interprofessional team.
  • Staff members from the Interprofessional Education Unit (IPEU) were assigned as facilitators to each group to prompt students and facilitate further discussion around the case study.
  • The Assignments tool was used toupload their feedback for assessment purposes.

The event was concluded by an online evaluation with an embedded link to the Google Form.

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