Law Faculty: Formative assessment [Randomisation; Revision & Reinforcement]

The Tests & Quizzes tool allows instructors to create online assessments (i.e., tests, exams, practical quizzes, and surveys) for students or particular groups. Online assessments can be marked automatically when certain question types are selected; and questions can be randomised per student.

Application of Test and Quizzes eTool [Randomized Questions]

Law Lecturers Yeukai Mupangavanhu and Cherith Sanger have created online tests making use of the Tests and Quizzes eTool within iKamva.

Cherith Sanger created a formative test and drew random questions from different question pools which was created in the ADV 301 module. The questions focused on different themes namely: Client Relationship, Consultation skills, Legal Profession and What is Advocacy. Students received a number of days in which they could complete the tests.

Prior to the formative test, a tutorial exercise task was also created to enable students to familiarise themselves with the process of engaging with the Tests & Quizzes eTool. Hence this test did not count towards marks.

image (3)

Application of Test and Quizzes eTool [Revision & Reinforcement]

Law Lecturer Yeukai Mupangavanhu has created an online test making (IPL 431) use of the Tests and Quizzes eTool. Students were able to complete the test linked to the specific learning content within 15 minutes. The lecturer also migrated the same test to the IPL 831 module to assist students as they prepare for revision and to reinforce learning.

image (4)

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